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Reena’s Kedgeree Recipe

We hope you enjoy this heartwarming Indian kedgeree. We asked Reena to tell us a bit about her relationship with cooking and how her heritage has influenced her cooking style. "My parents immigrated from New Delhi, India to start a new and exciting life in England. We siblings were born and bred in England and very much grew up in an environment that straddled both cultures. This was mostly reflected in the food we ate. Mum would add onions and fresh green chillis to baked beans or the roast chicken would have an Indian spiced rub. At university I got…

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Gena’s Satay Noodle Salad

The talented Thai cook Gena Goss has shared this yummy Satay Noodle Salad recipe with us, perfect for a sunny weekend! Enjoy! Gena says “It’s a super crunchy and refreshing salad from the mint and plenty of veggies, all topped off with a with a creamy satay dressing…YUM! You can use any vegetable you like, I used what I had in the fridge...As satay dressing is already rich and creamy, I prefer rice noodles over egg noodles or soba to keep the dish light” Thank you, Gena for sharing this yummy recipe! We can’t wait to try it! Satay Noodle…

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Claudia’s Coniglio Alla Cacciatora

If you were lucky enough to attend our Italian supper club in January with the fantastic Claudia, you will have had a chance to sample her amazing Coniglio alla Cacciatora, or rabbit with fresh herbs. The rustic Italian dish was a revelation and it's surprisingly simple to cook, so we asked Claudia to share her recipe with us. Ingredients A rabbit, chopped up into pieces 4 red onions 2 garlic heads small bunch of fresh sage small bunch of fresh rosemary 1 litre white wine chilli flakes salt and pepper 200g cherry tomatoes Method: Wash the rabbit pieces and fry…

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Sarah’s Swabian Red Cabbage Recipe

Sarah Deininger will be cooking at our Swabian  (Southern German) supper club on 9th May 2019. She's given us this beautiful Christmas braised red cabbage recipe, which is traditionally served as a side dish. The region of Swabia was a political territory in the Middle Ages. Today its borders aren't perfectly clear, but it is found partly in the German state of Baden Württemberg, partly in the German state of Bavaria, and even stretches into Austria. Food in Swabia is world-renowned and is often described as very hearty and rich in tradition. Recipes have often been handed down from generation to generation.…

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