Core Purpose

We are a community-focused social enterprise based in Bristol and named after the 91 languages spoken here. At the core of everything we do is our belief in the connecting power of food and community.

Our aim is to build a more resilient and connected place to live, for all; we believe this will help to bridge the gaps between Bristol’s 91 language communities and build a more inclusive city.

We work in partnership with communities to make better decisions about nutrition and wellbeing, so that we can nurture the health and sustainability of our communities, our families, and our city.

Our work so far has not only brought together diverse communities across the city and showcased a myriad of world food cultures, but it has also provided the opportunity for groups of BAME women in Bristol – from Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Eritrea – to become part of the wider community, to share their food cultures, and develop skills to help them pursue catering careers. We intend to bring improved and sustained economic and health outcomes for BAME communities, with a focus on women who we know have many skills, talents, aspirations to offer and yet are often the recipients of systemic inequality and prejudice at the intersections of racism and sexism.

All our activities are community-led and our grassroots approach is fundamentally about building trusting, equal relationships and listening to the voices of the community. From here we build and deliver solutions together. In pre-Covid times we held regular community-focused events and Supper Clubs around the city led by a community cook bringing together people from different communities to share food and stories. Since our formation in 2015 we have connected more than 16,000 people, speaking 51 languages, at over 500 events held in local centres, schools, universities, places of worship, and even on boats! We have held centrepiece mass meals at food festivals and community events and produced a roving pop-up International Peace Café. In response to the pandemic, we have delivered emergency food provision for 1,000s of refugee and asylum seekers.

We work citywide, with a place-based focus on responding to needs and assets in particular areas including: Avonmouth, Lawrence Weston, Eastville, Ashley Down, Easton, Southmead, Lockleaze, Lawrence Hill, Filwood, Hartcliffe and Withywood. We encourage all people to make genuine connections with their neighbours from other cultures by using the uniting power of food. Our community cooks work with us to celebrate their cultural heritage.