Our Mission

  • To celebrate Bristol’s 91 language communities
  • To use the convening power of food to bring communities together
  • To build a more global city
  • To share and promote diverse cultures and heritages
  • To break down barriers and make genuine connections
  • To encourage people to share their stories and build common ground
  • To reach out to people that are isolates and disenfranchised, and build strong cohesion within these groups
  • To educate and empower people about their health and well-being

How We Achieve It

  • Delivering supportive, empowering, inclusive and celebratory event programmes for people of all ages, genders, classes and ethnicities
  • Creating opportunities through our events for people to meet and build stronger communities both within their area and across the city
  • Focusing on food that is representative of different communities and encourages sharing of personal stories, memories and cultural understanding
  • Working with local organisations to fill gaps in current local provision
  •  Holding inter-community events to build understanding between people of different backgrounds
  • Hosting fundraising Supper Clubs where our community cooks plan the menus, creating and sharing their heritage dishes

How You Can Help

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