Cooking up a storm: Candi’s story

Creative copy-writer Candi Williams recently started volunteering with 91 Ways, helping to run our supper clubs. Candi is a busy bee, working full time in marketing and advertising: “I’m passionate about food, culture and friendship. I’ve been hosting various Macmillan fundraisers singlehandedly so I’m used to getting my hands dirty – with everything from cooking … Continue reading Cooking up a storm: Candi’s story

Comfort food: Manisha’s story

“I love nothing more than browsing through new recipe books, indeed our living room has an entire bookshelf dedicated to all my recipe books. My current favourite cuisine is Persian, having recently visited a newly opened Persian restaurant on Whiteladies Road. But for all the different food cultural influences in my life, I always come … Continue reading Comfort food: Manisha’s story

Memories of Dhaka: Monisha’s story

Food blogger, Barrister and Foozie contributor  Monisha Khandker is the pen and ink behind Twitter food blogger @lonelydiner. Monisha’s favourite dish is Dahi Bora – deep fried ground lentil balls in a tamarind and cumin yoghurt sweetened with jaggery goor with fresh green chillies. Monisha tells her story, “It’s a typical Bengali dish, taught to me by my … Continue reading Memories of Dhaka: Monisha’s story