An Evening With Zaleha Olpin

An Evening With Zaleha Olpin

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We are very excited to announce an evening of discussion and cookery demonstrations with Zaleha Olpin, a talented cookery writer, 2018 Masterchef contestant and a key member of the team that run the wonderful Malaysian Kitchen Supper Club. This will be an intimate event and will give everyone a chance to ask Zaleha questions and see her work up close.

Growing up in Malaysia, Zaleha was taught to cook traditional Malaysian dishes from an early age by her mother. She now lives in Bristol with her husband and her youngest daughter.

Trained as an Accountant, Zaleha left her job in a Multi-National Oil & Gas Company to travel with her husband around the world.

Having lived in Korea, the Middle East and Australia, she considers herself to be a well versed in international cookery but still goes back to her traditional cooking when comes to having family or guests for supper.

One of her greatest ambitions in life is to be able to teach Malaysian Cookery and introduce people to the truly diverse nature of the food in the region.

Early bird tickets available here.