How do 91 Ways Supper Clubs help to alleviate loneliness in our city?

How do 91 Ways Supper Clubs help to alleviate loneliness in our city?

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Did you know that all of the money raised from hosting our Supper Clubs goes straight back into our work, meaning we can host events that build community connections through food?

Loneliness kills; being lonely is likely to increase risk of death by 29%, it’s worse for your health than obesity, and lonely people are more likely to suffer from dementia, heart disease and depression.

91 Ways focus for 2019 is to go into communities and create events for people to come together, talk, share food and make friends.

We have been working with Bristol Aging Better (BAB), whose focus is to develop services and support for older people that address isolation and loneliness.

With both BAB and Bristol and Avon Chinese Women’s Group, we are working on a programme of cooking classes for over 55’s. These classes aim to bring together people from diverse backgrounds in local communities, encouraging them to meet new people and introducing them to new foods from all different cultures.

Our latest classes will run from January 14th to February 11th 2019, between 9.30am – 12 midday at The Square Food Foundation, at The Park in Knowle West.

We are really excited as the lesson on Monday 14th January is a Mauritian Medley from Brinda Bungaroo, and on the 21st January we have an amazing menu from Reena Anderson-Bickley. Plus lots of help from the fantastic team at Square Food! We can’t wait!