Selam’s Injeera pancakes

These wonderfully soft and mildly sour pancakes from Eritrea have a unique, slightly spongy texture. Injeera are traditionally made using “teff”, an iron-rich gluten-free flour. Teff is not widely available, so here is Selam’s recipe using standard rice and wheat flour. We were introduced to Selam through the wonderful support worker team at Ashley Housing. … Continue reading Selam’s Injeera pancakes

Watch: Tilapia fish Eritrean style

Here’s our lovely Nejat from Eritrea running a cooking demo using sustainable Tilapia Fish from Grow Bristol. Listen out for the recipe!

Sam’s story of Lebanon

“As a child coming from Lebanon most of my early memories were leaving the country in a rush because of the war. I hardly understood what was going on but that’s what stuck with me the most. Growing up, my favourite dish was Moujadra, which is lentils and fried onions served with labneh (a strained … Continue reading Sam’s story of Lebanon

Olesea’s Moldovan cheese cake

Olesea moved to Bristol from the Eastern European country of Moldova two years ago. Earlier this year she gave birth to a bouncy baby boy called Jacob! Jacob and his mummy are getting to know the other mums in their area, so keen baker Olesea brought this traditional Moldovan cheesecake to her new group. She said “they really liked it!” … Continue reading Olesea’s Moldovan cheese cake

Moroccan harira chicken

Moroccan harira chicken soup This recipe was written for us at our launch event in June, where 180 people from communities and businesses all over Bristol gathered over a global buffet. Ingredients: 6 chicken thighs 100ml water 2 sticks of celery, chopped 1 carrot, cubed 1tsp cumin seeds 1tsp ground coriander 2 tsp cinnamon 2tsp … Continue reading Moroccan harira chicken

Family time: Lara’s story

Lara was one of 91 Ways’ 180 guests who came to our launch back in June. Lara Light is Brand manager for the Bart Ingredients Company. In Lara’s family, mealtimes have always been the key to family quality time. She recalls, “We always ate at the dinner table and had proper family time. The only time we were … Continue reading Family time: Lara’s story

Katalina’s Hungarian noodles

Katalina was one of 91 Ways’ 180 guests who came to our launch back in June. Katalina recalls Christmas in her home country of Hungary, “my mum used to make lovely biscuits on Christmas mornings and flavoured them with cinnamon, vanilla and orange. They smelled and tasted wonderful!” Now that she lives in Bristol Katalina enjoys the … Continue reading Katalina’s Hungarian noodles