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Our continued work with the communities of Bristol would not be possible without your ongoing support. All donations go straight back into our community outreach programmes and to providing support and food to those in need. Any amount, however big or small, makes a difference, and is gratefully received.



Our aim is to build a more global city through encouraging people to share their personal food journeys, recipes, and passions. We believe this will help to bridge the gaps between Bristol’s 91 language communities and build a more united city. We also want to help people to make better decisions about their nutrition and well-being, so that they can improve the health and sustainability of themselves, their families, and our city.

To achieve this aim we hold regular community-focused events and Supper Clubs around the city, bringing together people from different communities to share food and stories. Since our formation in 2015 we have connected more than 15,000 people, speaking 51 languages, at over 300 events held in local centres, schools, universities, places of worship, and even on boats. We have held centrepiece mass meals at food festivals and community events, and produced a roving pop-up International Peace Café.

The Coronavirus pandemic has only served to highlight the rampant inequality at the core of our society, and we need your support more than ever before. We are working hard to find and support those most in need in whichever way they need it, but as more and more people are struggling to survive the cost of supporting them also increases. We know that a lot of people’s incomes have been impacted by the pandemic and we are very grateful for any donation you can afford at this time.


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