From Romania to Bristol: Dr Razvan Constantinescu

From Romania to Bristol: Dr Razvan Constantinescu

Dr Razvan U Constantinescu is Honorary Consul of Romania in Bristol and embraces the values of 91 Ways as he connects the cultures of his birth country and that of his home country and passionately encourages others to do the same.

Dr Razvan says, “food in Romania is a very distinct element of our culture. It helps build social capital, helps bring families together, and whole communities can come together.

Food is an effective way of getting to know neighbouring communities: Romanians learning about Hungarians by eating their food, Hungarians learning about Serbians and so fourth.

We’re delighted to bring this tradition of learning about each other through our food to Bristol – one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the UK – and we’re hoping that the rest of the 90 communities in Bristol will learn more about us Romanians through our food”.

Dr Razvan agrees that food is a great way of connecting people “Whilst on some aspects it would appear that linking communities is perhaps more effective through high-brow cultural things like The Arts, but food is more at a grassroots level: people love food irrespective of their social and cultural upbringing, they like to experiment with food”.

“What better way of getting to know other cultures and communities than through food! For example share a glass of wine and a nice plate of food, and you already feel like you’ve experienced a part of that country”.

“Many of the traditional cultures that we’re privileged to have here in Bristol have roots going back hundreds and thousands of years – some of them to traditional ways of farming, traditional ways of getting food out of the ground and putting it on the table – and with the maximum benefits to the environment and to future generations. The more we learn from these communities and their traditional ways, the richer we, the modern society, will be: our lives are richer, our children can benefit and we can learn more about each other.”