Learning About Race Together
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Learning About Race Together

Last week we released a statement in support of Black Lives Matter:We must all work together to End Racism. 91 Ways stands against injustice, no matter where in the world it is happening or against whom, and we stand resolutely against inequality and hatred. The events of the last few weeks have shocked and appalled us, but for many people, including those who face discrimination commonly, this is a brutal reminder that that we still have a long way to go before we live in a fair and equal world. We must work together to eradicate racism from our world.…


Better Together

Better Together We have been overwhelmed and delighted (but not surprised) by the way the people of the UK generally and Bristol specifically have responded to the Coronavirus pandemic.  There have been a huge number of amazing examples of people and organisations joining forces, volunteering for causes, and putting aside their own problems so that they can help others. Below is some of the positive news and good stories we have heard so far, and we know there are many more - feel free to share yours in the comments! Our Wonderful NHS 750,000 Volunteers for the NHS: on the…

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Caring for the Community: How to Help in Bristol

At 91 Ways we are all about community and at this unsettling time, we need community more than ever before. It's hard to know what is best to do and how is best to act, both in terms of looking after ourselves and our loved ones, but also knowing how we can help protect the most vulnerable in our community. There are lots of amazing local organisations springing into action, so we have put together this list to help direct you to resources we think are useful. We will do our best to keep it updated.  Ways you can help: Volunteer…

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