We believe that food unites us, breaking down barriers and opening up conversations between and within communities.

We are a small, but dynamic, social enterprise known as 91 Ways to Build a Global City (named after the 91 languages spoken in Bristol).

Since 2015 we’ve collected recipes and food stories from many of Bristol’s language communities and helped to bring together groups who have never come into contact with one another before – running over 100 events in schools, universities, places of worship, with community organisations and even on boats.

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Our events use the uniting power of food, to bridge the gaps between Bristol’s 91 language communities, in order to build a more united and sustainable city.

We’re working to raise £20,000 to grow our Community Events across Bristol and then the UK.

Find out more and make your pledge! Click on www.fundsurfer.com/91ways

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4 months ago

Join us on 19th June for a Malaysian Hari Raya, a joyous celebration of fellowship and feasting which marks the end of Ramadan and is all about sharing food and spending time with family, friends and ... See more

5 months ago
91 Ways to Build a Global City

In the BBC's recent Crossing Divides survey, 74% of people questioned in the UK said that this country is more divided than it was 10 years ago. Watch from 2 hours and 58 minutes to hear what 91 ... See more

6 months ago

So many delicious cakes. Here we have a pistachio and rose water semolina cake donated by the students at City of Bristol College. Carrot Cake donated by Hart's Bakery and spiced red mini tarts made ... See more

6 months ago

Look at all the delicious cakes we have for you at @britishdalfestival. We’re raising funds to support our community work in the city. Come and see us and say hi.

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