Our events use the uniting power of food, to bridge the gaps between Bristol’s 91 language communities, in order to build a more united and sustainable city.

We know that the choices we make about how we eat have a direct impact on our quality of life and our environment.  91 Ways will allow people to share their stories, personal food journeys, recipes, and passions, to build understanding between communities. We want to help people make better decisions about their food and well-being to improve the health and sustainability of our city.

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91 Ways is a new initiative supported by a diverse group of individuals and organisations including the Bristol Initiative Charitable Trust. Our aim is to engage everyone across Bristol to build a better, more united, sustainable city.

Please join us to support our cause and share Bristol’s diverse foods by signing up for our supper clubs or visit us on Facebook

Our Vision

To Celebrate Bristol’s 91 language communities, to dramatically change the way we all live and to build a more global city.

Our Mission

  • To use the convening power of food to bring communities together to break down barriers and make genuine connections
  • To encourage people to share their stories and build common ground
  • Reach out to people that are isolated and disenfranchised and build strong cohesion within these groups and to others
  • To engage people in a discussion about their health and well-being; and
  • To support interventions to affect positive and sustained changes in their lifestyles.
  •  To create a channel for business and civic leaders to connect with communities

We do this by

  • Hosting supper clubs
  • Creating food sharing events for people to meet within their communities to build stronger communities and we hold inter-community events to build understanding between people of different backgrounds
  • We deliver supportive, empowering, inclusive  and celebratory programmes for all generations
  • Encourage dialogue online and offline
  • Reach out to people that are isolated and disenfranchised
  • Use local, successful agencies to deliver services to individuals and communities
  • Challenge behaviour and entrenched stereotypes

91 Ways to Build a Global City

Did you know there are an estimated 91 languages and dialects spoken in Bristol? While language can sometimes act as a barrier, food is a universal language that can bring people together. 91 Ways celebrates the rich flavours and traditions of food from different cultures by sharing our dishes, recipes, and stories together and connecting with eachother. We're crowdfunding! Help our Peace Cafes to unite our city. Pledge today: http://www.fundsurfer.com/91ways We are also passionate about where we buy our food and its impact on the environment. Find and exchange tips for making tasty, unprocessed dishes from scratch. Like and share our page for competitions, inspiring recipes and news about our events, and the chance to share your own food story
91 Ways to Build a Global City
91 Ways to Build a Global City2 weeks ago
We are looking forward to our next FREE cook and chat course in association with Bristol Ageing Better and Bristol and Avon Chinese Women's Group starting on 5th November in Avonmouth. Please share the with anyone you know who might like to come along. photo credits Jon Craig and Jose Coello
91 Ways to Build a Global City
91 Ways to Build a Global City1 month ago
We welcomed Negat Hussein to our cook and chat class this week to share her Eritrean Red Lentil Soup recipe. We learnt about the wonderful nutritional value of lentils and how in some cultures, lentils are called a blessed food. They are an cheap, easy to prepare and filling - and of course delicious.
91 Ways to Build a Global City
91 Ways to Build a Global City1 month ago
With children heading back to school this week we wanted to highlight this great short film by pupils at City Academy Bristol made with Sharp Shotz Campaigns. Fed up of feeling lonely at lunchtime they created a lunch club for pupils at their school, they wanted a friendly and welcoming space to share food and chat during the school lunch hour and because we know the power food has to connect people we were delighted to be asked to contribute to the film. This is a great example of how food unites us, these young people would love to see this initiative flourish in all schools in Bristol and so would we! Check out the film here http://sharp-shotz.com/index.php?page=city-academy-eat-together-win-together #eattogher_wintogether
91 Ways to Build a Global City
Eat Together Win Together
A film by City Academy students Zaher Khan, Khlil Maropkhil and Zabiullah Oriakmel. Their campaign Eat Together Win Together is asking for a dedicated space ...
91 Ways to Build a Global City
91 Ways to Build a Global City2 months ago
We had such a fun time at our first Bristol Meets the World cooking session. We've partnered with Bristol Ageing Better and Bristol and Avon Chinese Women's Group to bring cooking sessions to older people from diverse backgrounds in local communities. We talked about the health giving properties of spices, made delicious and heathy sweet potato, spinach and pea patties with turmeric, ginger and cumin. We grated, mashed, patted and chatted and then all sat down to share a meal together. And we get to do it all over again next week. Watch this space to see what creations we come up with.
91 Ways to Build a Global City
91 Ways to Build a Global City
91 Ways to Build a Global City2 months ago
So many amazing people working hard to make Bristol a better place for everyone. We’re thrilled to be included in this list. Have a read and meet some of the other great initiatives using the power of food for good.
91 Ways to Build a Global City
91 Ways to Build a Global City2 months ago
Look who we bumped into in the cafe at Greenway Centre today! We’ll be back there next week for the first of our cook and chat class for over 55s making sweet potato patties and talking about healthy spices.

One Thought on “About us”

  • Another wonderful example of what appears (to one new to the City) of what Bristol has to offer! Great community (and therefore social!) and food based way of building connections. I hope to see you at one of your Suppers to learn more!

    Robert (Dad of two young men, Partner to a wonderful Wife, Palie and environmentalist

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