Ode to Dal

Kalpna Woolf, Founder of 91 Ways to Build a Global City shares with us her story of her Mum's Curcumin Loaded Chana Dal. "We know that dal is a staple for millions of people across the world, giving daily and often much needed all-round nourishment, but dal is also a fundamental symbol of the culture of a community (it is a cultural touchstone) and as such it is with pride and affection that dal dishes are placed at the centre of a table of food (not as a side-dish) and recipes lovingly handed down to generations. Dal is a feature at…

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The Joys of Nigerian Food in South African Cities

Didi is a Nigerian/South African Journalism student, here in Bristol talking to people in the city as part of her research. She wanted to study Bristol because of its diverse cultures, and she wanted the experience of living outside of her comfort zone, it has been her dream to live in the UK since she was 3 years old, when her dad would speak about his university days in London, and all the friends he made in a city where people coexisted, no matter their culture or country of origin. “Growing up with a Nigerian mother, food was always important,…

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