Meet our Ambassadors !

Meet our Ambassadors !

At 91 Ways we have a team of Community Ambassadors who work with us to spread the word about 91 Ways and our activities.
Each of the Ambassadors comes from a different background and brings a different set of skills, and links into different communities across Bristol.
Viviane is one of our Ambassadors and she has been working with the 91 Ways team for over 3 years; you probably will have met her if you have been to one of our supper clubs, and you may even have been lucky enough to sample one of her famous cakes !
How did you get involved with 91 Ways? 
I read an article about 91 Ways about 3 1/2 years ago and was instantly captured by its mission
What aspect of 91 Ways are you involved in? 
I have volunteered for various events on a regular basis, have cooked for one of their Supper Clubs and have done a baking demo
Why do you support 91 ways?
I support 91 Ways because I believe wholeheartedly in its ethos. Food is the best way to break down barriers and bring people from different cultures together. Through the medium of food and sharing food recipes and food memories, we soon find out that we all have more in common than we ever imagined
How long have you lived in Bristol? 
I’ve lived in Bristol for 15 years. Before that, I lived in London
What’s your favourite thing about Bristol? 
I like the fact that Bristol is an increasingly multi cultural city and a City of Sanctuary. There is always an event going on, especially at weekends
What is your family heritage? 
Very mixed heritage. I was born and brought up in Egypt. My maternal grandparents came from Aleppo in Syria and settled in Egypt just after the First World War. My father’s family lived in Constantinople (now Istanbul) and moved to Egypt when the Ottoman Empire began to disintegrate
Favorite Food memory?
Favourite childhood food memory – aubergines, courgettes, peppers and tomatoes stuffed with minced meat and rice and served on a huge platter
Favourite place to eat in Bristol? 
The Watershed on the Waterfront – if you are lucky you can get a table overlooking the harbour. It’s also light and spacious and the food is good

Favourite food that you love to share with family & friends?

Lots and lots of plates of mezze, served with falafel, salads and lavash (Persian)bread. Plenty of time to chat

Who would be your fantasy guest if you could choose anyone to share your dinner with?

Claudia Roden. Like me, she was born and brought up in Egypt and my parents knew her parents! She was the first person to bring Middle Eastern food to the forefront and she has been my inspiration since then “