If you were lucky enough to attend our Italian supper club in January with the fantastic Claudia you will have had chance to sample her amazing Coniglio alla cacciatora ( rabbit with fresh herbs). The rustic Italian dish was a revelation and its is so simple ! Claudia has kindly shared her recipe with us!


A rabbit, chopped up in to pieces

4 Red onions

2 garlic head

Fresh sage, rosemary

1 lt White wine

Chilli flakes


200g Cherry tomatoes


Wash rabbit  and then fry the pieces until the water has evaportaed

In a separate pan fry onion garlic and chilli, add the rabbit and herbs.

Fry for 7 to minutes then add the tomatoes.

Add the wine and cook it for 40 min to an hour until the sauce has reduced and the meat is tender.

Serve with pasta and pesto


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